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Heating Options

Most of our products are suitable for all circuits (central heating and domestic hot water systems). These products are manufactured from Brass, Copper, Glass and Stainless Steel. (Please see below).

When the product is manufactured in Cast Iron or Mild Steel it is suitable for central heating systems only.

Some towel rails can run on a Duel Fuel system. Connected to a central heating circuit but also including an electric element which allows operation during the summer months.

An electric element only option is available on some towel rail models. This is a completely independent unit requiring only a fused spur electric connection. The towel rails are filled with thermal transfer fluid which is heated by an electric element.

Brass towel rails are manufactured using dezincification resistant brass, however it should be understood that the term ‘resistant’ does not entirely preclude the possibility of dezincification occurring. If you install the product on an open (DHW) circuit, make reference to your local water authority to ensure dezincification has not previously occurred. Please take caution where a water softener is installed as this could cause dezincification (the material is attacked ie. zinc eaten away by aggressive water).

Mild Steel products must be installed in accordance with BS7593 where a corrosion inhibitor is used. Models suitable for indirect (closed) circuits only cannot be installed on an open circuit due to the item containing ferrous (steel) parts. Product compatibility is the responsibility of the installer.

For any futher assistance please contact us.