About Us

Our manufactory is located within the industrial heart of the West Midlands. We are immensely proud of our Company, the artisans with whom we work alongside and our roots within the spiritual home of engineering in the United Kingdom.

The manufacturing process can be, at times, demanding. We rely wholeheartedly on the deft hands of our craftsmen to produce finely created pieces, each one with time, care and pride. Every single finished piece is unique in its characteristics and makes us feel extremely honoured that it has been selected for someone’s home.

Our philosophy is to manufacture and supply handcrafted products which combine the finest materials and quite often, customer driven ingenuity with rigorous attention to detail. Life is for living, finding joy wherever possible, squeezing every bit of happiness we can out of every moment that allows us. We believe creating a joyful space around us can go a long way to help our wellbeing and in order to create our own utopia, we must have things around us that make us happy. We can’t control much in life, but what we do have some control over is how we create our homes and personal spaces. We fashion beautifully unique and high quality pieces that combine both functionality and personality so anybody can transform their space into one that ignites a blissful life.


Prices quoted are UK Retail List in GP Pounds Sterling, ex VAT, for items supplied in Chrome or Bright Nickel finishes. Product manufactured from Stainless Steel can be supplied polished or brushed at the price listed. All items are available in Custom sizes and finishes with prices available on application. Please contact the Sales Office for additional information on +44 (0)1902 387080 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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