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Raise the Bar with new Cluster and Bohemia Contemporary Towel Warmers

Why not go ‘off the rails’ this 2017 and upgrade your next towel warmer to a stylish heating solution that makes the best use of space and heat in the bathroom? 
Giving you a desirable double-dose of contemporary heating design, we’ve introduced the Cluster and Bohemia Towel Warmers, both featured as part of our highly versatile Contemporary Collection of towel warmers.  
Reaching 21st century heights from the customary multi-rail design, both models create a large amount of additional space, all the while giving you the ideal place to hang, dry or simply warm through your fluffy bath robe or plush towels. 
The new Cluster Contemporary Towel Warmer pictured left is manufactured from Mild Steel and finished in Chrome. Designed with sets of three 22mm protruding towel bars, and groups of 3 or 4, depending on model chosen, Cluster is ideal for maximising both its heating and towel warming capacity, while maintaining stunning looks.
To amplify performance even further, Cluster can be 800mm or 1160mm tall, making sure you capitalise on the full height of your bathroom without fuss. With a width of 500mm, Cluster is available with 19+9 bar configuration or the pictured model showing 28+12 bars. Suitable for closed heating systems, Cluster is also available with sealed electric and dual fuel options and delivers a heat output of up to 2021 Btu/hr or 592 Watts. With a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee, the new Cluster by is priced from £203 including vat.   
If greater storage is required in your bathroom then consider the practicality of the new Bohemia Towel Warmer. Also featured in the Contemporary Collection, Bohemia is designed with a 20 bar configuration which support four heated shelves, perfect for warming and additional storing. Manufactured from high quality polished stainless steel, the new Bohemia measures 1200mm high, 450mm or 550mm in width and reaches a heat output of up to 2838 Btu/hr or 832 Watts. Bohemia  is priced from £1,349 including vat with a 30 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Dual fuel and sealed electric options make the Bohemia a truly flexible and ingenious heating solution.